Sit or Start Running Backs Week 1

Half Point PPR Pick One

Jordan Wilkins
Adrian Peterson
Matt Brieda
Mike Gillislee

I’m thinking between Wilkins or Peterson but I really can’t decide which one. Thank you!

I’m leaning Wilkins…but it’s close…mainly leaning Wilkins because it’s at home

Wilkins - starting role and Mack may not play
AP - named starter and i think he’ll start the season hot before becoming cold
Brieda - risky play but probably higher upside. they’ll be playing from behind and he is the better pass catcher

I would go with Wilkins. At home, if Luck is back to his old self they won’t be able to stack the box, and should be able to get a decent amount of work in the passing game. AP won’t get any work in the passing game, who knows how the backfield touches will shake out for Washington, and Gillislee will be lucky to see a handful of touches and won’t get any work in the passing game with Kamara there.