Sit/Start Advice

Currently evaluating my sit start options. I am debating one flex spot and my starting TE spot.

For the TE spot I am looking at Jordan Reed v. Indy and George Kittle v. Detroit. I really like both plays.

For the Flex, I am considering playing either Reed or Kittle, Derrick Henry, Chris Godwin or Marlon Mack. I have Jarvis Landry locked into the other flex spot fwiw.

I am curious what your guys thoughts are.


Reed is an elite TE when healthy, you have to start him. I probably put Kittle in the flex, but if you trust Derrick Henry that’s worth consideration too, although I personally wouldn’t put him in.

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Ya, as of right now, I have Reed in with Godwin in the Flex. Part of me feels like that Tampa offense is not legit and could get eaten alive by NO. Thats what makes me think about this.

If you’ve listened to the footballers podcast, you hear them talk about Rule 86. If Jordan Reed is healthy, you start him.

For the flex spot, I would go with Chris Godwin if D Jax misses that game

Ya, i’m not sure if not playing Reed was ever not an option. I guess I am trying to determine if Kittle is that good of a play this week to get into the lineup however possible.

i’m trying to figure this out right now myself with reed, i have ertz and reed was there in the 15th so i took him but idk if i actually start him this week over ertz, or if i flex him over manny sanders/juju/thompson

Good point, I forgot DJax was injured. Godwin or Kittle are both great starts if Djax is out.

Also I think Kittle will get a bunch of targets without Goodwin again. Pettis probably gets the bigger bump though

Thus, my dilemma. Lol.

Agreed - Henry seems to be the only contender given the matchup but I have little confidence with Lewis there. Something about players competing against their old teams - always seem to put up big #s.

Who are you referring to here?

Rule 86 at TE.

Flex Kittle if Goodwin out, Flex Godwin if DJax out. If both target sharers are out I would lean Kittle slightly. Fitz was magic last week but I think he could be Fitztragic this week, he has been a bit of a roller coaster ride in his career.