Sit/Start Cooper or Ginn

I’ve got a hefty start to this week with the Ravens D (35pts) and my opponent has Brees. I’ve also got M.Thomas in to stop Brees from blowing me away but should I also start Ginn ahead of Cooper (tough matchup) to aid this?

Also starting K. Benjamin at WR

I don’t think so. I would start Cooper ahead of Ginn. The Bills secondary is showing to be beatable and if Oakland makes the effort to target Cooper frequently, like they did last week, then Cooper is the better play. So many people to throw to in N Orleans and you already have their #1 WR in your lineup

Thanks man, you think Benjamin is also a better start than Ginn then? TB are giving away air miles rn so I think so…

yea i believe i would start cooper.

help with mine please