Sit/Start Flex (RB/WR/TE) Standard League

Hey Foot!

Need help once again.

I have Mixon in my flex, but after looking at the rankings and considering the match up, I’m second-guessing.

My other options would be Alex Collins, Tyler Kroft, or Ed Dickson. Thoughts?


I go Collins in standard…I don’t trust Hue Jackson to give Mixon enough work still…and don’t like the TE options you have as flexes at all

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I agree. I feel like if Mixon were going to do well and give us some confidence in playing him, it would have happened last week.

I’m just concerned that the coaches for Baltimore will have short term memory loss and use Buck Allen more than Collins. That being said, I do like Collins more than Mixon.

The TE’s were a stretch and I wasn’t big on them either lol.

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It’s possible but I don’t see it the way I do with Hue lol…and Collins has shown he can do more with less

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