Sit/Start Flex week 3 (half ppr)

12-team half ppr:

QB - Big Ben
RBs - Hyde, Marshawn
WRs - AB, Julio
TE - Rudolph
Flex - ???

I have these guys as options for my flex:

  • Demaryius Thomas
  • Jamaal Williams
  • Sony Michel
  • James White
  • Tyler Lockett


… help… lol

I would probably have to start DT even though the matchup isn’t great. 2nd choice would be James White for me

Thanks! Yea i’m leaning towards White just cause he always has a high floor…

He’s a solid play more often than not in any kind of ppr format. Playing him this week myself

I personally wouldn’t start any pass catching patriots this week because there is so many options for brady to throw to its kind of like playing the lottery. I would start Thomas but my second choice would be Tyler Lockett

you run the risk of a pats pass catcher but white is a solid target especially against the lions im starting james white in my ppr league.

I would go James White and DT. James White has carved out a role as the primary pass-catcher out of the Patriot RB’s. DT would be a safe pick - high floor, low ceiling.