Sit/Start Help, Need to Stop Over Thinking

Standard League (QB TD is 6 Points). My Lineup is:

QB : Brees
RB: Fournette
RB Doug Martin
WR: M. Evans
WR: Jordy Nelson
TE: Brate
Flex (RB/WR/TE): McKinnon
Kicker: Elliot
DST: Saints

Michael Thomas
Jaquizz Rodgers
Vikings Defense

I keep going back-and-forth between the rankings, the podcasts, and other articles. My gut feeling says Nelson over Thomas and Saints over Vikings to start, but I’m on the fence either way. Saints have been great and should take advantage of Hundley, but Vikings v Ravens is almost too good to pass up. I feel like Nelson will get the targets, as shown last week, and Pack will be playing from behind I’m guessing. But am I missing something? What’s the consensus Footclan?

vikings over saints and Thomas over jordy

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IMO I’d go Thomas and the Vikings, however I don’t think you can make a wrong decision. Hundley grossed me out last week which is why I lean Thomas. Don’t be a rankings slave. Sometimes you have to go with your gut cuz then if you lose at least you lost feeling like you made the right decision.

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I would go with Thomas as well over Jordy.

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Thanks guys. Thomas makes the most sense. I don’t suppose I should worry about a repeat of last week and his minimal usage thanks to the Saints defense dominating again?