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Sit Start help with Parker Out


Hello all, looking for some advice for who to start in replacement for Parker now being on a bye. My other options are; Allen Robinson against Houston, Ted Ginn against Minnesota, Adam Hooked on a Thielen against New Orleans in a 1/2 ppr. Thanks in advance.


Should I be leaning Robinson? Is this crazy?


I like Thielen a lot, esp with the matchup, but I’m hearing that NO defense isnt as bad as previous years. Im just not crazy about the other matchups.


Go Thielen.


Coin flip Ginn and Thielen


Stop the madness. It’s Robinson. I like Thielen a lot, but he should be a depth WR in most leagues. Robinson is far more talented and is going to get a ton of targets. The hate has gone way, way too far. He was WR25 guys (his floor imo), not WR45. I get that that’s was a disappointment, but he should still be considered a high end flex, at worst.


He hurt my soul last year man. Haha all jokes aside you are right, hopefully Bortles gives this guy a chance to show that talent he so obviously has.


Thielen for me, especially in PPR. Saints D (even if it is a bit better) is still Swiss cheese. Minny D doesn’t give up long bombs that Ginn will need to be successful. I just don’t think Bortles will be doing much against a tough Houston D. Maybe some garbage time, but you gotta hope he goes to A-Rob.


Robinson was targeted 150 times in 2016. 151 times in 2015 (the year that somehow justified a first or early second round pick). He caught 7 less passes. The difference is that his YAC decreased, and he went from 14 TDs (an obviously unsustainable number) to 6. The truth is somewhere in between 2015 and 2015.


True but Bortles sucks 10 times more than he did before so that’s gotta be worth some consideration.


No, he really doesn’t. He’s been terrible the whole time.


I kind of like Ginn with Snead out. Its going to be Thomas/Ginn kind of night.