Sit / Start Hunt or Michele

Title says it all.

RB1 slot filled by Kamara, do i;

Start Michele @ home vs Indy (more favorable matchup)


Hunt @ home vs Jax (Better RB)

Torn. Gut telling me Michele, buddy telling me Hunt.

Show me some love here boys

Hunt. I agree Sony has better matchup and I won’t be surprised if he does well. But if I have learned anything from fantasy it is these two things:

  1. Don’t bench your studs
  2. Don’t trust a NE RB

past 4 games vs Andrew Luck led Colts:

2014: NE @ IND W 42-20, Jonas Gray, 37 Carries, 201 yards, 4 TD, 44.1 PPR points
2014: NE vs. IND W 43-22, Blount, 24 Carries, 166 yards, 4 TD, 40.6 PPR points
2015: NE vs. IND W 45-7, Blount, 30 Carries, 148 yards, 3 TD
2015: NE @ IND 34-27, Blount, 16 Attempts, 93 yards, 1 TD, 1 rec, 11 yards, 1 rec TD, 23.4 PPR points

Yeah keep fading NE RBs man. I’ll just keep on playing one of the best fantasy gold mines in the NFL.

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now that’s what i wanted to hear, thanks Mike!

Well I will consider myself schooled! Great stats! Where do you get these targeted stats?

I am starting Sony in 2 of my leagues but I do not have the option of Hunt in either of the leagues. I do not foresee a shootout with Jacksonville in their matchup and thus think Reid will lean on Hunt more. However, I do not have such impressive data to guide my conclusion. Hard to argue against those numbers.

Just have to go back and dig around for the stats. All I remember (note I am a die hard pats fan) is that last few times we faced colts, we just grounded and pounded them to dust so I just looked at seasons where Luck was a starter. One thing to keep in mind this time around though to temper expectations a bit is that Pagano is no longer there. He was definitely a + given how trash he is as a coach. But fact of the matter remains, pats heavy favorites and colts have no run D to speak of. Start Michel comfortably. Good source for stats that I use is pro football reference (this doesn’t give you fantasy points but that’s just easy math/calculations) and (gives you fantasy finish although this doesn’t go back as far as pro football reference).

Fantasypros is another good stats site that can do it but I think they only go back to like 2015 or something.