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Sit start- PPR Abdullah, duke and Murray


Footclan Need two!


Abdullah and Duke if you are talking about Latavius Murray. If demarco, then start demarco over duke but only if Mariota Plays.


Have to agree with your “exception” of …ONLY IF MARIOTA PLAYS!!! I’ve got both DeMarco and Duke. Have given DeMarco the benefit of the doubt about 2 too many times and played him over the DUKE. Got screwed both weeks League-wise!!!


Miami is a really tough run D this year, too. Abdullah gets the slot for sure, right? He’s improving every week, and the Lions offense seems to really be utilizing him in the way we had hoped. Lots of touches, opportunity at the goal line, etc. And he did all that last week against the Vikings. Then I think I have to go Duke. He’s on the upward trajectory. Murray, if Demarco, is splitting so many carries and is without his starting QB against that run defense. If Latavius, well, he’s just kind of bad, I think.


Duke is going to continue to get work although they may not be playing from behind this week like they have been so Crow might have a larger role. I go Abdullah due to his volume and involvement also as a pass catcher, and Duke regardless if Mariotta is in or out. He’s going to be limited either way and I can see a stacked Miami front that will stuff Murray and Henry.


@scootch @Cozyyyyy I agree guys concerning DeMarco and Duke. As I mentioned earlier…with so many of my roster on BYE this week…got 'em both starting. BUT…yeah…otherwise…my patience is wearing thin on DeMarco and would have prob gone with the DUKE if not for BYE week decisions!!! Thanks for the feedback guys!!!