Sit/start Pryor?

Seen a lot saying to sit Pryor this week. Got Sanders, Thielen, Garcon, Agholor and Golladay. Yeah…I know…not good. Yes/No??? Already lost week 1. Not looking good.

Start him. Start your studs and by what you have listed he’s your stud.

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Thanks Jlongino. I’ve got him starting, but…LOL…you know how it is. Fantasy Football can make you crazy. I usually can make sense for others, but then turn around and question MY OWN DECISIONS!!! LOL

And for the record…WR is where I’m weak. Got Shady, DeMarco and Terrence West as my top RBs. Not fabulous…but not ridiculous either.

Start him!

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Thanks Tannehill08. That’s where he is…but reckon just kinda needed thoughts here. As I mentioned…amazing how you can give others advice but turn around and question yourself. LOLOL

He had 11 targets, start him. That kind of volume is always worth a play.

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Rams have decent pressure but cousins is a slinger. Pryor got a chunk of the targets in week 1, in PPR formats hes an easy start at wr2 for me.


Yeah…kinda where my thought processes were going here lance_caporossi and Tannehill08. Got the Captain as my starter (much to my chagrin right now…but…it is what it is…and still got faith in him. Had him last two years and he hasn’t let me down yet) and he def likes Pryor. And yes…sorry…forgot to mention…PPR. Thanks y’all!!!