Sit/Start RB week 9

Need to start 2 of the following 3 RBs
Mixon/Aaron Jones/Alfred Morris
Under normal circumstances, I’d lean towards sitting Morris
but my opponent this week, who’s the league leader, is a Dallas fan and has a Dak/Dez/Witten starting (also Elliott on the bench for his suspension).

I’m in second place at 6-2, so I can afford a loss. Stole Morris on the waiver so want to use him to spite him, but of course a victory would be the best way to do that.

Def Morris then and I’d go Jones too

Agreed morris & jones

I’d go Mixon and Jones - I know they said Morris was the starter, and could go off, but I’m guessing this week will be a timeshare so he may not get as many carries as you would like. Especially when they’re going against the Chiefs who could easily jump out to an early lead in this game causing the Cowboys to lean on McFadden who is way better than Morris in the passing game.

Mixon & Jones.
I need to see how the DAL backs are used before I could deploy any of them.