Sit/Start this week

I need help filling my WR and Flex position. Who would you start this week? I have:

C. Kupp
T. Pryor Sr.
Devante Parker
T. Cohen

The WR’s are tough since Parker had big pre-season hype but hasn’t played. Cohen is big on hype right now but I am not sure if it is a fluke. What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance.

Edit: half-point PPR

Pryor and Parker would be my choice Cutler is gonna force the ball to Parker and redskins need to pass to win


Thank you for that. I was thinking Pryor is a for sure start, but Parker I am not sure about. It is hard to start someone who we haven’t seen yet.

I’ve been watching Cutler and Parker during the pre-season and they instantly developed a huge rapport. I think you have to play Parker. And definitely Pryor. As Sabin said, the pass is about the only thing Wash has going for them right now.

Chargers cornerbacks are good they held Sanders and Thomas to five catches and 65 yards. Casey Hayward shadowed Thomas on 73% of his routes, and Jason Verrett shadowed Sanders on 64% of his routes. I’m sitting Parker this week. Hopefully, I don’t regret it; I sat Sanders last week turned out to be a good call.

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Good point lance. So many factors to consider, always fun/interesting to hear everybody else’s thought processes.

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I feel like I’ve repeated that stat so many times on this forum.

Thank you both @llc @lance_caporossi. I think Cutler and Parker are going to be an excellent duo this year, but I have to agree with the defense. And I haven’t seen them two perform in the regular season yet.

Would you even think about starting Cohen over any of these WR’s in the flex position or would you hold off to see what his involvement will become?

I’m starting Pryor over Parker, I don’t own Cohen or Kupp, with Pryor I at least have an idea of what I’m getting this week a high volume receiver with plenty of opportunities to make plays. I think Kupp has a chance to put up the same numbers because I feel Josh Norman will be all over Watkins. I like the possibilities with Cohen because he’s electric and has a chance to turn any play into a big play, but he’s still a mystery.

With all that said I think it goes Pryor, Kupp, and then Cohen. I’m not counting Parker because I’m not playing him and I hope I’m right about that decision.

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I like Pryor and Parker. SD corners are good but Denver isn’t super aggressive with Simien and I think Cutler will push the ball downfield

I have Cohen too but gonna watch one more week

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@lance_caporossi @pjscud0319 News just came out that Jarvis Landy is questionable for Sunday. Would this bump up Parker or downgrade if he was to actually miss?

Also announced that Jason Verrett will miss the game for the Chargers. That has to help Parker a little IMO

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And LAC is putting Trevor Williams in for Verrett who hasn’t had much practice at all since he suffered a lower back disc herniation way back in May. Sounding more and more as if this is NOT gonna bode well for this DEF.

I’m in a similar situation and I’m starting Parker. I’m in a full point PPR, however.