Sit Start Week 8, 1/2 PPR, Points for Rush Attempts, 1st downs, long plays

Here is the lineup, debating on benching Hill against the Packers Sunday night and flexing Hyde.

For now, I have Hill in the lineup along with Ty Johnson and Smokey John in the Flex. Let me know your thoughts!

Not planning on playing Edmunds, his matchups in the next month are bad and I just needed a blocker for my opponent. BUT I do need to possibly drop someone from the bench for a kicker depending on how the week looks to shake out, and based on my opponent I probably will need to drop someone for a kicker. 4 man bench in this 10-team league…

Would Hyde/Hill be a good trade for Chris Godwin?

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Yo bud. I book marked this. I’m gonna get some games and smoke in but I’ll be back with an overinflated opinion I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t hate the trade. Hill seems to always put up numbers and had a long connections with Moore last week, they might be good together still. I do like Godwin because he’s more than just a deep ball player. I feel godwins floor is higher and they bother have about the same ceiling. Other thing is neither team has much of a run game. We’ve seen a Godwin and Evans play well together and maybe a game where one blows up and the other doesn’t. Hill and kelce are the same they benefit when both are on the field. I don’t think either side wins but you are able to give up an RB if needed. When Ingram comes back after the bye are you going to bench him or Johnson for Hyde? Depending on teams you could maybe pair Brown, Hyde and Edmonds for a WR and an RB. Maybe both around the 15ish rank in points or OBJ could be cheap not sure if I trust but I’m sure they’d give up for little.

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@Gramercy_Riffs any update bro?

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Oops. Got so wrapped up in my own roster. My bad. Let me take a look

With the way Godwin’s been blowing up, would he even take that trade? We still don’t know how Moore will be in a whole game with the offense. Plus Mahomey is trending up so he may be back a little sooner. And Hyde is far from a sure thing

Gotta love John Brown’s potential going forward. I’m not doubting Ty but I haven’t seen enough to make an objective opinion on the impact he’ll have.

And I’d say @plem analysis is on point. Accurate and thorough