Sit Zach Ertz w/ Wentz out?

Last week I ended up picking up Ebron off waivers as a defensive move to keep him from my opponent who needed a TE. Now with the Wentz news do I sit Ertz and start Ebron in his place if Wentz doesn’t play? Never thought I would need Ebron but I guess sometimes you get lucky.

You do not sit zach Ertz lol. Foles also loves Ertz.

Here are his splits w/ foles vs /w wentz. barely difference:

Foles: 15.57 ppr, 6.71 rec, 0.43 TD, 9.43 targets
Wentz: 16.55 ppr, 6.25 rec, 0.55 TD, 8.65 targets

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Thanks @MikeMeUpp I had forgotten that.

Do you think this affects golden tate either way?

Yeah. I was never on board with tate to begin with anyway cause switching teams is hard unless you’re an absolute elite talent like cooper. But now given he hasn’t played with Foles at all, tate’s stock drops imo.

Ertz is still a great play. I would keep him in, especially since Foles throws the ball to Ertz a lot as well