Sit Zeke? Play Conner or mixon?

Should I sit Zeke with a hard matchup and play someone like Conner or Mixon who have good matchups?
No flex PPR

Also do I play cousins or rivers (:

Thank you

if you have a flex spot id be playing all 3

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What a good problem to have haha. Who are your other RBs if you’re forced to choose between those RBs?

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I don’t think I would sit Zeke. Yes, if you have a flex then def have all three in.
Let your super team be a super team. I’m also curious, what’s your receiver core?

And oof, I think I probably play Rivers. That Cleveland defense is no joke.

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Jags aren’t as iron clad against the run to warrant sitting a stud like Zeke, who will be a volume hog all year as the only viable Cowboy on offense. Jags are 14th in rush defense and allow an average of 100 yards a game. This is Zeke, don’t overthink it.

Conner and Mixon if you can’t start both is a tough call though. Conner is probably safer for touches but if the Bengals can run up points on the Steelers he could get phased out if they have to throw a ton. Tough call but there’s no wrong answer between them IMO


Missed the QB question. I think i play Cousins vs Arizona that should be a solid matchup for him. Rivers on the road vs a tough and turnover creating Browns D no thanks!

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Yes! I meant whoever is not playing Cleveland.


I’d go Conner, Zeke, then Mixon. I feel like Conner will get good usage as they now see how effective it is for them to have a good run game.

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Thank you everyone!! I’ll stick with Zeke and Barkley as my RB duo. No flex in this league unfortunately.

isn’t the Arizona defense better than the brows? Coming off a really good game against SF

Jags just got lit up by hunt, Zeke should be able to put up a good week. Or i hope so anyway, my matchup this weeks has their d

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The difference is that the Chiefs have a wicked passing game compared to the Cowboys who have an awful everything except when Zeke is involved.

So are you saying Conner is a better option?

I personally like Conner better because of the potential on a better offense with a better matchup. It’s a toss up between the two though since Zeke is the focal point and a great athlete. The reason why Hunt did so well against the Jags though is because it’s hard to stack the box when you’re having to account for Kelce and Hill’s big play abilities with Mahomes behind center.

Ya I agree very good point, I just don’t know if I can sit my man Zeke

I’d feel the same way lol. Can’t go wrong with either.

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