Sitting in my inbox. I receive Zeke and Diggs for Dalvin Cook

Full ppr

Other parts of roster are fine

YES. Do it now!

id do it, diggs is a huge question mark but zeke and cook are pretty equal value imo so id accept and hope that diggs is able to turn it around

Still in my inbox. I’ve unsuccessfully tried to make 2 for ones so I don’t have to drop anyone else but I have to choose between Marvin Jones jr or John brown to drop. MJJ is on bye after this week and j brown is the “number 1”. Who would y’all drop of those two?

Also. Any chance cook continues to be More valuable? Somehow my evil commish keeps week 17 AND has 6 position roster limits. Evil and unfun I know I know. The cowboys seem like they will lock up a spot and sit the starters

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Dalvin could go down a lil but after this week against Chicago and during week 17 he has Chicago again lol i would drop Marvin if you accept

Thanks I was thinking the same thing. Cooks division is a tough one I’m hoping someone accepts my spam trade offers of two and three for ones to teams with weaknesses. The trade expires at 9am so I’m going to wait it out haha

I feel ya haha it is weird because first glance this should be obvious but the Vikings are set on running first and often and it seems the cowboys new offense is taking advantage of the passing game more. Either side makes sense to me. If you have Cooks or not I would look at Mattison with Cooks injury history.

This is exactly what I was thinking. It should be a smash accept and if a draft were held today. I would still draft zeke over cook. :man_shrugging:t2: Somehow I’m questioning it lol cook is on fire. But like I said I’ll be smashing accept soon.