Sitting Kamara to win

No rules against it and two people have texted me saying to do it.

My question anyone know when stat corrections for the games have to be in. im up like 1.7 and hes done I have Kamara. A injury fumble right off the bat would lose me my trip to the finals.

Just bench him and dont worry about a possible stat correction?

Barring anything cray cray, tonight you should already have a relatively good idea if any stat corrections are coming your way.

As for sitting Super Kamario, this depends on how comfortable you feel with your current lead. I personally would sit him, but I am a firm believer in “You play. To win. The game!” If you decided to keep him in, nothing wrong with that either.

I had just plan on letting him go and get me whatever he gets but the text I got made me think of all the bad breaks Ive had in fantasy and start second guessing myself

149.3-147.9 is our matchup right now

So a 1 point wouldnt do it but im not sure how many times this year theres been a 2 point correction

I will say, at least for my main league, Yahoo, I have not seen any stat corrections this year, or any corrections enough to change the outcome of a game.

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Might seem like a lot of work but I would go do the math myself and sit him…crazy shot happens.

Stat correction are usually applied on Thursday following the previous fantasy week. Most platforms automatically apply - hopefully you use a platform what exposes the changes.

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Yeah it looked like it wouldnt be applied until much later so I just started Kamara and got the 6 points he gave to cover and im on to the finals for the 3rd straight year!

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