Slammin Sammy?

Is Sammy watkins one of the hardest players to rank each week? He’s talented and on the highest powered offense in football. Is this last game more of the type of usage we should expect going forward?

Me personally, I’d expect more volatility from him. He is what, 4th option for Mahomes, at best? He may be more of a boombuster than Amari Cooper. Good luck guessing his boom(s).

I dropped Sammy before Sunday. Now I’m wondering is it worth picking him up. Starting crew is kupp, Allen, and for flex I’m between Alex Collins or Sammy watkins (assuming I get him) What y’all think is Sammy worth the faab?

With Hill banged up and possible missed time, I think Watkins could gain a little more or a rap-ore with mahomes.

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Yeah I wasn’t aware of the Hill injury when I posted that above. Definitely makes a difference in a positive way for Watkins, while Hill is out.

Captain Obvious

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Right, i was not aware at the time either.

How much faab?