Slayton for Hunt

Someone offered me Darius slayton for Kareem Hunt straight up. My WR are cooper Kupp, Dj Moore, terry mclaurin and Dj Chark and John brown. RB’s are Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Myles sanders, Raheem mostert, Antonio Gibson, Malcolm brown and nyheim Hines and Kareem Hunt. Is this a good trade? I feel like I need to boost up my WR core. Thanks

The answer to this question probably depends on how large your league is.
Based on your players, I’m going to assume this is a 10-team league and answer accordingly:
Darius Slayton will have blow-up games, and he MAY be the best receiver on the team. However, Saquan-games are going to limit him and he may disappear at some points.
Kareem Hunt is an every week FLEX play that will get (based on Week 1) about 50% of the runs and be more involved in the passing game.
If Chubb goes down, Kareem Hunt is top 10, maybe top 5.
Your WR corps. disappointed week 1, but I do believe the DJs and Scary Terry turn up in the following weeks, and Kupp is solid insurance. It must already be tough deciding which to play each week and adding a Slayton will only complicate that choice.
TLDR: No, keep Kareem, as he has a better weekly floor, your WRs are already solid, and if Chubb goes down, Kareem’s ceiling is much higher.

Perfect answer! Thank you!