Sleeper 10 Team Full PPR Redraft $50 League

Looking to fill 2 possibly 3 spots in my work redraft league. $50 buy in on league safe through the Sleeper app. It’s a superflex league with a TE premium. No kicker, defense, or idp. We are looking to draft on September 4th. It would be a fast draft 15 minutes per pick. If interested & would like more details please message me.

Totally interested, but may have a scheduling conflict for a draft in the morning. Do you know if you are drafting in the afternoon or later (West Coast Time)?

We are actually drafting on September 4th now around 1 p.m. EST (eastern standard time). Our league would welcome you if you’re still interested? Are you on the west coast or?

Let me know if you’re still looking for someone.

We are still looking to fill the league

I’m in sleeper name @jhamer

@alexgh if you need another

Are there two spots available still?

Any spots still available? @venganza in Sleeper

Thx for interest but the league has been filled. Sry man

Thx for interest but the league has been filled.

The league has been filled