Sleeper App Draft Question

Longtime commissioner, first time Sleeper user this season. I had a quick question regarding the draft I was hoping someone could help me with.

So we want to do an in person draft but there are one or two people who live out of state and won’t be able attend live. Is there a way, where I as commissioner can input picks manually into the draft app/board live (when a league member makes their pick in real life on the board hanging on the wall) where the out of town guys can see the online board update real time? And then they can make their own picks when it is their turn on their computer?

I would like to avoid having every person bring a laptop, go up to the board, stick the name on, then go back to their computer and draft their player. It would be easier if we could just have one computer that can do each pick. Last year I did this on Google Docs which worked well but would prefer to save myself the time of transferring the draft results at a later time.

Thanks in advance all who help.

Hopefully someone can tell you exactly how to do this…

But yes it can be done and its super easy.

Just make sure when you set up the draft it says something about allow commish to make picks.

But even then I think your allowed to make picks for anyone during the draft.

So all you would do is set up a league on sleeper… Add the 2 other members from out of town and then draft for all but two of the teams from your phone. The out of town plp will be able to see everyone taken.

Now you will just have to run 2 draft boards… One on your phone and the live one… So maybe split up duties and have someone else place the stickers on the live one… While you draft on the mobile

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Ah this is great thank you!

Yeah what we normally do is have the person who has the pick go up to the board, stick the player on there, then go to the computer and draft the player on the computer. That way there isn’t just one person doing all the picks (which was me a few years ago and I learned from my mistakes).

Thank you for the help. Much appreciated.