Sleeper App Drafting

Hello All,

First year using Sleeper and was curious, does the app require you to draft a Defense or can you use one of the ballers tips and draft an additional WR/RB and then just drop someone next week for a defense? We are doing a live draft so I won’t have the computer to dictate whether it is acceptable or not.

Thank you.

With your last pick, try to take a player. If it doesn’t let you, then take a defense.

We aren’t using the website initially to draft we are doing in person. So we won’t have the computer to tell us if it is acceptable or not until later.

I would just do your real draft and worry about Sleeper context later.

You can always email their customer support, which is world class. I’ve never had to wait longer than an hour for a reply.

It’s funny you say that because when i posted here I sent them a chat request too (since it’s a busy draft day wasn’t sure if they would get back to me quick) and they got back to me in like 15 minutes. Their customer support alone makes them the best draft app.

Appreciate the feedback though. And just FYI they confirmed you can leave the DEF (or any spot) empty if you’d like.

Good luck this season.

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