Sleeper App for League

Hello all.

Debating on switching from Yahoo to Sleeper? I know Sleeper is a sponsor of FFB but has anyone actually done the switch from Yahoo to Sleeper? If so, are you pleased with the switch? Did you go back to yahoo?

It seems like a cool app/interface but still a little hesitant to pull the trigger.

I played in a sleeper league last year and wasn’t super thrilled. It was a bit buggy and I don’t like their interface for leagues too much. Maybe I’m just use to the classic sites (ESPN, Yahoo, etc). Still great for all the news, forums, tracking games/players, etc.

@jakobgui yeah I was checking it out just now and the draft interface seemed nice but haven’t actually been in league before to see how it works. The thing that attracts me is the multi-team trade capability. My league does a ton trades so I was thinking that would be a cool feature. Just not sure how many multi-team trades would actually occur to make it worth it if the rest of the interface struggles.