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Sleeper Custom Def Settings

Whats up footclan! I was just wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on customizing defensive scoring through the sleeper app. I have tried custom settings in past years (on yahoo) and can never seem to get the defensive scoring to where the league wants it to be. Ideally, I would like the position to be around the scoring range of what tight ends could score (excluding kelce because hes a beast) and not have weeks where the top 5 fantasy score overall comes from a defense. If your d has a good week, I think it should seperate itself from what the other defenses are doing, but weeks where they can score 30+ points seems a little high to me. If anyone has figured this out, I would love some suggestions. Thanks!

I don’t know of a way to max or cap a DEF score. If a DEF gets a couple interceptions/pix-6s and limits the opposing team in yards and no/low scores I would expect something like 25 or 30 points. That will be an uncommon outcome.

The following settings resulted in one 31 point week (Broncos v Cardinals 45-10) and one 27 point week (Bears v Bills 41-9) as a maximum. Bears averaged 10.9 points between weeks 1-16 and scored 163 points overall (DEF1 overall).


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Thanks for the feedback! 10.9 avg and 163 overall sounds about right for what we would be looking for I think. I was messing around with the settings and checking out last year results and I think those two games you mentioned were just crazy for any scoring format so not much you can do about that. That cardinals game is over 30 points no matter how I change the settings, if it happens once a season its not terrible, they must have just crushed it.

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