Sleeper FREE Dynasty Best Ball Leagues


I am not the commish of these leagues, but I am promoting them to try and get them filled. I am in all of them.

These are free dynasty best ball leagues. All the fun of dynasty and trades with the line up ease of Best Ball. The person running these is pretty cool and has countless other leagues on Sleeper. There are different league sizes and they all have some different scoring settings. Jump in and check out the settings. If it’s not for you then you can bounce.

Feel free to pass along the links to anyone you might think could be interested.

I know these look the same but they are all different. Not sure how to get them to pull the basic league info. I am sorry about that.

Thanks for looking!

Also, the person running these is IrritatedTomcat on Sleeper. They can definitely tell you more if you have questions.

Thanks for posting!! I was looking for a best ball league. @mkhans

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Awesome! I wish the links showed more detail (number of teams / scoring type) but every one is different. Again, all are free so jump in, check them out and stay or bounce. It’s all good :slight_smile:

Fantastic! I’ll check them out. Thanks for the info!

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Please do. It’s no problem to jump in / out. There were very few I left TBH. I figure for free and no in-season line-up management why not? I just really like drafting. Plus being dynasty you get to keep your squad so I’ve been using it as a way to grab players I’ve never been able to acquire in my other established leagues.