Sleeper Platform Management

Hey footclan! I am very interested in starting my own dynasty league, and it seems like Sleeper is the easiest way to be commissioner. Just wanted to get all of your input on how easy it is to manage a dynasty league, and what limitations it has for customizing. Mainly looking at the draft pick trading, and if you are able to trade startup picks flawlessly through the app. Any input would be great! I am already working on the by-laws, but just want to make sure that what I want is doable without a crazy amount of work.

Thank you!

It’s capable of doing both and honestly it’s one of the most customizable sites I’ve ever used. It’s just a solid overall platform that I have yet to find any issues with! Hope that helps buddy.

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It’s great for what you’ve outlined. I agree that it’s very easy to use, but there are still several features that are wanting. That being said, the developers seem to have all the features that anyone would like in queue and, unlike other platforms, churn through that list fairly quickly. I’m guessing by the start of the season that they’ll have most of the features I would like incorporated. A few from that list include:

  • Allowing weekly waiver claims during the off-season
  • Expanding commissioner powers to add/drop players from rosters during the off-season
  • Caps on number of players by position (or what I would like simply offense & idp)
  • Limits on the number of years in the future that draft picks may be traded

I highly recommend starting with Sleeper. The admin is super responsive, too, if you ever have a question or issue.

Have fun!

Any idea if it will easily allow you to do a vet draft now and a rookie draft in a couple months for startups?

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Yes that is what I did with my startup this year.