Sleeper Platform: Questions, Concerns, and Requests

Hi all, I figured I’d post my list of questions and concerns here because people seem to be increasingly interested in the Sleeper platform over options like Yahoo and ESPN. It’s clear that their development team and support staff is awesome, and they’re doing a lot of things right. Still, I have a lot of questions before I can move my leagues in good conscience. I did a lot of reading through posts on this forum, reddit, the Sleeper website, and a couple other places and this is what I’ve come up with. If anyone has answers, additional questions, or any other thoughts, this might be a good place for them.


  1. I need to be able to grant someone League Manager type powers (essentially a subset of the commissioner powers.) ESPN allows this and so do a couple others, I think. Doing this takes some of the burden off of the Commish, and helps keep things moving properly when the Commish is unavailable without really letting someone screw things up too horribly. League Managers should be able to approve or reject trades, add/drop players for other teams, add/remove FAAB, and so on. They should NOT be able to change scoring, change league settings, change team names/photos, delete the league or anything else more invasive. Obviously the record of actions taken would need to differentiate between LM and Commissioner. Does anyone know if Sleeper offers this or plans to offer this?

  2. What are the tiebreakers for in-season games? If it just lets ties stand as ties, I’d like the option to change that. Something like bench points, total season points, or higher score in previous matchup would work. I’d like to be able to modify the order of the tie breakers too. Does Sleeper offer this?

  3. These are the settings for playoff seeding. This isn’t exactly ideal imo. Does anyone know if Sleeper plans to allow customization here? Points Against really doesn’t make much sense to me - may as well flip a coin at that point. Personally, I would prefer something like Total Points, H2H record, Highest Score in previous game. I know the playoff seeding can be edited manually, but then people get all bent out of shape if the normal settings would’ve had them ranked higher or something.

  4. Has Sleeper implemented the ability to filter the group chat to only show Commissioner actions, or only show claims / drops / failed bids, or only show the chat? A date-filter would be good too. If that’s not an option I’m going to have to encourage my league to use another platform (probably Facebook or SMS) for chatting so that we keep things separate and make it easier to find things.

  5. Is there a way for Commissioner Messages to be pinned to the very top of the chat, or forced as a pop-up? People are generally pretty bad about reading things if it isn’t right in their face, so this would be very helpful.

  6. Can the number of votes to uphold / veto trades be changed? I need to be able to modify this setting if I’m going to allow voting. The number of votes I’d require for trade vetos vs in-chat polls (rule change type stuff usually) would be different too.

  7. Last year, apparently everyone was able to select multiple options when voting. Obviously that makes it useless for voting on trades. Has that been changed yet? It would be nice to be able to specify how many choices each person can choose.

  8. Can I change the period of time before trades clear automatically if it hasn’t had enough votes to veto, and it hasn’t been upheld by the commissioner? For example, can I make trades execute after like 24 hours if there haven’t been enough votes to veto it (assuming the commissioner and league manager haven’t vetoed it or forced it through obviously.)

  9. Last year apparently trades would only clear at 12:05 AM. Are there any settings that let me change that time, or am I forced into using only 12:05 AM? That wouldn’t be ideal.

  10. Last year there was apparently no undroppable list. Has this been added? It really should be.

  11. Last year people complained about in-game-alerts for players that they didn’t own. Is there a setting that allows people to receive notices only about the players they own? Or maybe about only players on their team and their weekly opponent’s team?

  12. Are bench-points automatically calculated, and easily viewable for each team, every week? That would be a nice feature.

I’d love to hear from anyone that can answer these questions, can compare Sleeper to Yahoo on these questions (we’re switching from ESPN) or has any additional questions that I may not have thought of.

  1. Yes, you appear to be able to assign with commissioner powers. Does not appear to be a subet of powers or configurable.

  2. There is no configuration point for how tie-breakers operate during either regular season or playoffs. I am unable to explain how they operate. I was able to locate the follow which partilly relates to your question:

In leagues with no divisions, the top teams make the playoffs. To determine seeding, we look at the following:

Overall Record
Points For
Points Against

Overall Record takes precedence over points for (PF), which takes precedence over (PA). Tiebreakers beyond that is a coin toss, or can be determined by another metric the commissioner sees fit via custom seeding.

  1. I don’t have this answer.

  2. Claims / drops / failed bids are displayed in the chat. There are no current filtering options.

  3. Yes you can pin a message, but I’ve found it ineffective.

  4. I know that anyone can post a poll in the chat. Not sure what you mean about changing votes…

  5. Yes, it appears you can limit to one vote.

  6. Yes, it appears you can change the period of time before a trade completes. I don’t think there is an auto veto vote option. If there is I’ve never played in a league that employs this feature.

  7. There is no configuration point to alter the time a delayed trade occurs.

  8. There is no undroppable list.

  9. I don’t have this answer.

  10. Bench points are viewable per player. I don’t know if the total of all players bench points are displayed.

Thank you for all the answers! To clarify on a couple of things,

  1. I’m just wondering if there’s an option to choose how many votes are required to approve / vero a trade. For example, I’m not sure if we’re going to decide that 5+ “no” votes are needed for a veto, or if we’ll want something more like 8 “no” votes required to veto.


  1. I don’t think I was clear enough (I’m not looking for an auto-veto feature - not even sure what that would be lol) but I believe you answered my question. This does bring up another question though – if I choose “None” as the time to review pending trades, does that mean that as soon as both people accept the trade, the players move and are eligible to be played so long as their game hasn’t begun yet?

Anyway, I appreciate your help. Unfortunately I have a feeling that Sleeper isn’t going to prove customizeable enough quite yet, but hopefully with another year to develop they’ll be ready next year.

  1. I think this would have to be stated in bylaws and executed manually by someone with commish powers. Some system, ESPN, will generate the trade vote automatically. I’m not sure what the results do exactly - or if it is customizable.

  2. Yes. (As an aside, this is my preference - no delay. I choose not to play in leagues with delayed trades or trade veto votes.