Small bench rookie WRs to roster? Help!

So i am in a 10 team 1/2 ppr keeper league. We start 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1 flex and have 6 bench.

Outside of DJ Moore do you see any WR worth putting on my bench to see if they pan out?

Gallup, Washington, pettis, ridley, sutton, chark, Miller, Kirk, Tequan
Or should i just look to pick them up off the waiver if they hit a couple weeks in?

Even though its a keeper league you can only keep players that are drafted… FA cannot be kept but can be used during the season…

So just curious if any other of the rookie WR would be worth stashing for a week 4 breakout or if i should just draft players that i know i will use since this is just a 10 team league.


James Washington looks like he could be starting as Pitts WR3, very talented. I would be looking to stash him, upside is very high. Anthony Miller could be starting as well. Ridley, Sutton and Kirk could be sneaky stashes if you are able to keep them on the bench for the season (depending on the rules).

Those with Moore as the ones I have been targeting.

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Miller is the player that I expect to have the largest role on their respective team in 2018. He’s the one that I’d want on my bench before the season opener. The next couple I’d have a strong eye on in Game 1 is Gallup, Washington or Pettis as I expect them to have some percentage of snaps early in the season.

Ridley, Sutton, Chark, Kirk, etc. could all be riding pine for a few games, injuries notwithstanding.

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I’m in a keeper league as well although my bench is a bit deeper but we also have the must be drafted to be kept rule. Which BTW I believe is the only way to do it. Being able to keeper waivers/FAs is just a bit too ridiculous. Anyway, I will definitely be struggling with this question but so far, I think my approach will be based on who I think will show the most production THIS year, not necessarily who I believe is the best talent later on. If I was going off pure talent perspective, I’d definitely be drafting guys like Sutton and Washington cause I think they have the most upside. But in terms of most likely guys to show something this year to even consider worth keeping, it would have been someone like Kirk or Ridley. Although ridley is injured now so I guess he is out. Next in line for me after that is DJ Moore.

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Yeah i def think not keeping FA is the way to go… Sure you can use them to your advantage that season but it shouldn’t carry over to following seasons… But if you have the balls to draft that guy and hold onto him until he pops in week 6-7 then yes you should be rewarded.

Yeah i really like the film on Washington alot but don’t know if i see much out of him this year and there is so much uncertainty with the steelers next year with bell prob gone… Who knows about big Ben… So I’ll prob stay away.

I’ll maybe target some other guys you mentioned. Thanks for the advice

@fun4willis you think mitch is going to improve enough to make Miller a viable starter… I like millers talent but don’t love the QB as much.

I like the gallup call… We are not sure who is going to be the best receiver in DAL so gallup has as good of chance as any week 1.

In short, yes.I expect Mitch to be better. By how much is TBD.

Mitch was ranked 24th from last year.

(Edit: Meant to say) Excerpt from PFF:
For much of the year, Trubisky was asked to simply manage games and rarely attempt anything difficult or complex, but later in the season, the offense was opened up a little, and he was allowed to play more expansively. Broadly speaking, that approach worked, though not without low moments. Against the Lions in Week 15, he threw three interceptions, and some of those passes were horrendous mistakes, but the bigger picture definitely showed a new potential that had been hidden by the conservative game plans earlier in the season.

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I love miller too. But TBH, like @Fr0sty11, I am trying to think about this from a logical perspective and I just don’t think Trubisky can support 2 WR1/2s, a TE1, an RB2 and an RB3. Which is where those players are going. He’s in an entirely new offense and honestly didn’t really show me much in terms of his ability to run an offense last year. There’s going to be a learning curve. Just don’t see him getting there this year.

Not to mention bears just drastically improved their defense as well so doubt they’ll be putting the rock in his hands to toss 30-40 times a game. Don’t think he tosses only 15 times like he did last year with the worst coach of all time not named Jeff Fischer but there just isn’t enough volume there to support me taking a shot on miller.

Would just much rather get a Kirk who has a clear path to targets just given the depth chart there and the fact that he actually pairs extremely well with Bradford who is a great short/intermediate passer.

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I would agree. No question he can not support “2 WR1/2s, a TE1, an RB2 and an RB3”

My Projections:
Robinson will be a WR2
Miller will be a WR3 (still valuable)
Trey BuBu will be a TE2

Mitch was most effective with his slot guys in college. I think Nagy will play into that and right now Miller is going to play the slot.

Yeah I mean if you’re projecting Robinson and Trey Burton to bust, then could see an argument for miller there. I just meant based on projections and rankings, someone there has to give. Agree that a WR3 can still be valuable. I just meant someone like Kirk probably has more upside this year. Like high end WR3 numbers or potentially low end WR2. Totally agree with you on Mitch being effective in the middle. I just think it will be more crowded in the middle in terms of competition for targets with Burton, Miller and Cohen. And they’ll probably move Robinson around in the slot as well to exploit some matchups.

Either way, we’re all taking our shots in the dark here so its a marginal tip in favor of either side depending on what you believe.

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I don’t consider Allen Robinson, as a WR2 in 2018, a bust. His ADP is in the 4th for a reason. He’s approx the 20th WR taken. Admittedly, I think Burton will be a bust this year only because of what @MikeMeUpp mentioned - can’t support several fantasy WR/TE . He’s the 9/10 TE taken.

ADP according to

When you say Kirk do you mean Christian Kirk? He currently doesn’t even have a starting role. I fully realize it’s early in training camp - but as of now he’s behind Chad Williams, Brice Butler and J.J. Nelson.

Oh wait you’re right. Sorry I’m confusing myself with DYnasty rankings.

That’s right Robinson is a WR2. Still see some problems with Trubisky even supporting WR2/3, TE1 and Cohen catching.

Yeah I’m talking about Christian Kirk. I mean still early but I’m expecting him to beat out all of those guys who have literally done nothing since joining the NFL. Ofcourse if he doesn’t beat them out, then Kirk is no longer viable.

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