Smaller benches and no IR as a covid idea...advice?

run a work league that’s everyone’s secondary league. It’s been kind of experimental for me, being a first time commish with this one.

I have an idea to both combat covid in NFL weekly, and possibly invite more skill based transactions…but I’m not sure if it’s a bad one.

The league is 10 team, 1/2pt PPR. $100 FAAB budget for waiver pickups.

Last year we had QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE,FLEX,DEF with 6 bench slots and one IR.

I thought this year, with the chance of someone’s team falling apart midseason with a few guys out for weeks at a time given a potential outbreak would be not to expand bench slots or add IR, but to subtract them.

Keep the starting lineup the same, but eliminate the IR and shorten the bench to maybe 4, or even 3 slots. We’d still have $100 in FAAB to manage, but with such short benches and only ten teams, the waiver pickups and drops would be red hot. There’d always be some golden WRs and RBs to grab given your team falling ill, or just not performing.

I tried to search this out a bit, but couldn’t find quite this idea spelled out yet, so thank you for reading. I’m just not sure if this would prove to be a nightmare idea, or rather a stroke to make teams more active in management and adaptability in the current Covid climate. Any thoughts?

I’m not a fan of this idea.

The problem is that with short benches people might be inclined to drop players with a COVID designation. This severely penalizes a team who has a top player sidelined. This is further compounded with the effect of bye weeks.

If you are going to proceed I’d suggest keeping IR (maybe making unlimited) in combination with your short benches.

I would end on the fact that in a 10 team league your waiver wire will already be plentiful. You’ll only have 140 players total on rosters.

10 teams * (8 starters+6bench) =140