Smallest Point W/L This Season

I always find these games funny. Mine happened in week 6, won by .04 of a point. It was .02 but the next morning there was a stat correction which had to be even more brutal.

Thing is, I was not even expecting to win. Awful bye week for me but for whatever reason my team just stuck around and ended up pulling it off with a late late 4th quarter pick. I was jus about to turn off the game and then bam! lol! I felt bad about it though. Gotta suck losing like that but meh…it could have been me as well.

It wasnt me, but one of my leagues had a TIE at 143.3-143.3! The win was decided by bench points.

My smallest margin in a game I was in was .18 and I won because the Patriots got 2 sacks at the end of the game!

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That’s crazy. I hate the bench points because if you have a bunch of byes you’re screwed but that is life. I’m going to try and change the rule next year where it’s head to head highest scoring player to settle it.