I have been saving my waiver priority up and I now sit at #2. Im nervous about my RB position in the coming weeks with a roster of D. Johnson, D. Freeman, Connor and Duke. Sitting at the top of the waiver wire scrap heap are Clement and Smallwood. Should I burn my waiver priority on one of these guys in favor of Duke or Ryan Grant or keep biding my time?

I’m in almost the exact same situation, but I’m #1 waiver priority. Honestly not sure what to do. I would probably spend the #2 on Clement.

Clement is taken in my league, but Smallwood is available . . . is he worth the #1 priority or should I keep waiting? RBs on the roster are David Johnson, James Conner, Mark Ingram, Matt Breida, Tevin Coleman, and Royce Freeman. I would be just fine if Lev Bell got traded, but it’s looking unlikely, so I’m pretty worried about my RBs now . . .

Also, in another league, I’m also thinking about picking up Smallwood but I’m not sure who to drop. Candidates are Antonio Callaway, Vance McDonald (Trey Burton is my starter), or Ronald Jones. 0.5 PPR

I am one of those guys who has very little faith in Ronald Jones. I’d have no fear dropping him.

well the eagles are inquiring about other RBs. DJ and McCoy have been reported.

Yeah, I think that news alone is enough to dissuade me from blowing my #1 priority, but I’ll probably still be adding him in the other league. I agree Ronald Jones looks bad, but so has Barber. Jones has at least a 50% chance of being the starter . . .

Callaway has been frustrating to own, and I have lots of WRs on that team: Juju, Corey Davis, Amari Cooper, Keke, Keelan Cole, and Big Mike Williams. Callaway’s schedule coming up is fantastic, though . . . this is such a hard decision.

I may just drop Vance McDonald. Probably never starting him over Burton, but TEs get banged up a lot . . .

Ugh I dunno what to do.

I wouldn’t blow it on Smallwood as Sproles will be back soon and I think I would rather have him. Clement is interesting for sure, but with them asking about McCoy and DJ then idk honestly. I think I would still shoot for Clement though