Smallwood or Lockett. Flex Help!

I need help with some start/sit decisions. I feel comfortable in my matchup this week which leads me to want to stick to some safe plays but let me know your thoughts.

I need 1 for my RB2 spot and 1 for my flex from the following players:

Terrance West vs PIT
Wendell Smallwood @LAC
Chris Johnson vs SF
Tyler Lockett vs IND
John Brown vs SF (assuming he plays)
Rashard Higgins vs CIN
Will Fuller vs TEN
This is a 14 team 0.5 ppr keeper league. Here’s what the rest of my lineup looks like despite losing David Johnson and Allen Robinson for the year

Kirk Cousins
Kareem Hunt
Sammy Watkins
Adam Thielen
David Johnson* (ON IR)

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I am leaning towards Lockett, but only if Badguywins is out for the game. I am in Houston and saw Jacoby Brisket tear us up last season. That run game is huge, plus they aren’t afraid to run him because he is a back-up anyway. He puts up points.

If Baldeagle plays I go Hassmallwood.

Smallwood is a safer play but Lockett has boom potential

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I am not sure Smallwood is safe. The Eagles haven’t displayed much consistency from last year to this year with which RB gets touches.

Sproles died and Blount sucks so Smallwood will get some burn this week

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@Zigomaniac, he had 5.6 YPC and a TD last week against a strong run defense. He had a mediocre game, missed a game, and had a great game. Don’t let the preseason mess with your head. Blount isn’t doing badly in real football.

I will agree with you that Blount doesn’t suck. However, Doug Pederson doesn’t seem to trust him. The game that you stated that Blount missed, is not true. He straight up got zero carries. He was active and he was not injured. Pederson did not put him in the game. And that’s a red flag

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Yeah he didn’t miss a game… coach said he was gonna reduce his carries and he got 1.

He’s a big lug, good at what he does, but he’s not stopping Smallwood from getting the ball more than in weeks past.

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I say he missed a game due to bad coaching not performance. I have been seeing this trend of coaches trying to get too cute with their play calling instead of sticking with what works. Putting the ball into the hands of the players making something happen. The Saint are one of the biggest examples of coaching losing games.

Blount gets 12-15 rushes and a reception every game, and with that he is averaging about 6 YPC. Do I think he is going to keep that up, no. The only trend I can spot for as far as where/when they run him is when they have the lead and are under center.

That means he will be a pretty good start against Arizona.