Smart trade? Or stay put where I'm at?

Non-PPR. If the player can be kept, the round I would lose next year is next to their name.

I give:
Jason Witten (14th)
Chris Thompson (14th)
Carlos Hyde

I get:
Joe Mixon
Rob Gronkowski (4th)

My team after trade:
QB - Trevor Siemien (stream)
WR - Devante Parker
RB - Lev Bell
RB - Jordan Howard
TE - Rob Gronk
W/R - Joe Mixon
BN - Maclin, Bilal Powell, James Conner, Matt Breida, (would pick up either Crowder, JJ Nelson or Sanu with open spot)

Honestly Chris Thompson is the biggest fantasy fraud in recent memory. I don’t think he’ll finish the year in the top 30 RBs (2.7 points per touch so far for Thompson, David Johnson was at 1.1 points per touch last year). His production is so beyond unsustainable. I would do this trade…You’re buying Mixon at a low point too, and I think he will be their #1 back going forward.

Without the picks involved you absolutely win that trade, I don’t think it’s particularly close; HOWEVER, I have never participated in a league where draft picks are traded so I cannot give much insight

For the most part the picks are irrelevant. I wouldn’t keep Witten or Thompson most likely. If I got Gronk then I would keep him and lose my 4th round pick which is still a value.