Smashing trade for Gronk?

14 team standard

get: Gronk and Kstills or M Williams
give: D Watson and Edelman

I have:

qb: Winston
wr’s: M Thomas, Boyd and M Jones

Would much prefer to have the Gronk/Williams side of that trade

Right, the counter was Gronk/Stills, would try to get Williams. I’m a major pats homer, so hard to decide as if not for bye week think V Mcd isn’t a bad TE.

Yeah, Vance is Solid, but he’s not going to be a top 5 guys I don’t think. I think what you’re giving up to get Gronk is going to be pretty easy to overcome on the waiver wire. I’d probably still take it if it was Gronk/Stills. To me you’re essentially trading Edelman for Gronk.

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In this league everyone grabs two qbs, so qb’s are hard to come by. But, think you’re right really edelman for Gronk and there’s lots of WR’s 2’s out there. He just came back with gronk/williams for watson, edelman and mcd.