Smith or Flacco for Winston?

I have Alex Smith and Joe Flacco in a 10 team full PPR league, and I can beat the waiver wire rush and snag Jameis Winston now. Which QB should I drop, if either? Smith or Flacco?

I’d drop smith.

Of the 2, Smith’s production is the least sustainable. He has no WRs to speak of. All of his passing yards and TDs have come from CT taking 5 yard dumps to the house and Jordan reed. As good as CT is, that is not a sustainable means to carry QB production going forward.

Flacco on the other hand has the weapons. He’s taking a tonne of shots downfield via John Brown and will continue to do so cause their run game is average.

Although if I’m being honest, I’d also drop flacco and pick up a depth piece after this week. No point rostering 2 QBs in a 10 man league. Too shallow and lots of talent on waivers.