Smokin Jay Cutty? or someone else?

Hey Footclan! I am against the wall in this matchup this week as my opponent had Todd Gurley in his lineup so Im already behind the 8 ball. I need my streaming QB to hit big and the options are Jay Cutler, Trevor Siemien or Andy Dalton. What are your thoughts?

Anyone? Need some help here.

Andy Dalton cant be this bad, it cant be true. He will be slinging the ball around a lot this week. I think he has the highest ceiling of all these guys, could collect lots of garbage points at the end of the game.

I’m streaming Jay Cutler this week.

Trevor Siemien does have a lot of weapons and has shown some incredible ability, but I don’t love his match-up on the road this week at all. He’s worth stashing if you’ve got room on your bench though because he might “Level Up” as the fellas say this week if he can continue his trend.

Andy Dalton hasn’t shown us anything of value yet. Not a single TD for a frustrated offense. There may be a change in the OC and there is a good chance that their performance turns around, but I wanna see it happen first before I pick up Dalton or any pieces of the Bengals offense. If there is any week they can turn it around it’s this week against the Packers who have an inexperienced and thin secondary that routinely gives up yards through the air.

Lastly, I also played against Gurley last night but remember it takes a whole fantasy team to win a match up, so don’t get too cute and vastly deviate from your game plan to try and get a big swing.

Thanks man!

Good Insight, thanks man