Smooches or Caffery?

McKissic vs the niners or McCaffery vs the jets?

Mccaffrey imo

Oddly enough, I like smooches. He has a “juicy” matchup against a bad defense. He is pretty much the only back left standing in Seattle so he should see volume in the run game and he is a decent pass catching back. With mccaffrey you have to see how the distribution plays out with Olsen back. Someone’s target share is dropping, and not sure who it will be yet.

Mccaffery because his workload is a known. McKissic is good but unsure of his workload and whether he will be involved in passing attack

I wouldn’t go so far as to say mcCaffrey’s workload is known. Olsen has been out since week 2 and is a huge part of their offense. My hope as a panthers fan is nothing changes with McAf target volume, he picks up more carries in the run game, and Olsen simply takes over Curtis samuels target share since he is now that he is in the shelf for the year + maybe some of funchess red zone targets.