Snead is on the WW...should I pick him up and if so who to drop

Willie Snead is on the WW and with the Saints not the best behind Thomas would it be wise to pick him up?

I would have to drop

Corey Davis
Corey Coleman
Chris Carson?

What do yall think?

Ooh tough decision. The Corey’s are the favorite receivers in their offense which is a plus. Snead at best can work his way up to #2 but if Ginn performs Snead will be #3. I’d personally wait and see what Carson does this week and if he doesn’t do much drop him to pick up Snead.

Yeah, you should go get Snead. I would drop Carson or Coleman depending on you’re depth I suppose. I don’t think you have much time, as Snead will get picked up anytime I’m sure and he should be on you’re roster.