Snead or Sanu ROS (halfPPR)?

Looking to convert one of my boom-or-bust WRs into a WR in a similar tier with a safer/higher floor in a HalfPPR

should i be targeting Sanu or Snead? Don’t need them this week. Matt Ryan is my QB is stacking is a recommended course.

Thanks footclan!

Snead it up brother.

I prefer Sanu just being on a high powered offense and a team that depends entirely on its offense. The opposite is kind of the case in Baltimore. I haven’t watched much of Snead but he is extremely consistent thus far, which is surprising and I’m not sure it’s really going to continue. Sanu has been getting one or two red zone looks each game as well. Snead is more or a decent floor, low ceiling option. Sanu more of a mediocre floor but solid upside ceiling option. I like Sanu between the two.