Sneaky Early Adds For Week 10?

I have two burner spots being held by Devante Booker & Theo Riddick right now. Any sneaky guys I should target Sunday morning to hold for next week so I don’t have to play for them on the waivers? Some of the names out there right now are (RB) Gio, Josh Adams, Duke Johnson, Ty Montgomery, Blount, (WR) Allen Robinson, Dede Westbrook, Snead, Moncrief (DST) Jets [vs Bills], Bills [vs Jets] and Colts [vs Jags]

Should I grab any of those guys or anyone not on this list that might be a flyer?

I usually look ahead 1 week for DSTs if I have a spot available. So I’d pick up the Jets in your position.

Following, I’m thinking of doing the same

Yeah I’ll likely pick up the Jets. I’m tempted to also pick up Josh Adams, but the safe move may be to pick up Ware in case my Kareem Hunt goes down.

i finally bit the bullet and hancuffed kareem with ware. still a bit early but in the running back landscape especially with ware, rather cuff him now than be a week late.

Gurley’s handcuff. For whatever reason it seems like every year the Saints knock out a high prized player. Last year it was Chris Thompson. The volume of work Gurley is getting is also insane. Last week over 30 touches. The potential for injury is not going down that’s for damn sure.