Sneaky Pick with last pick of draft

Who’s a player youre targeting late that could be a lottery pick or sneaky keeper for next year?

Not sure how obscure a player you’re looking for but I love Marquez Valdes-Scantling late. The Geronimo Allison snobs of which there are many will have you believe it’s a done deal that Allison will be the #2 but I’ve loved everything I’ve seen out of MVS and there’s no reason for the depth chart to be so concrete this early on. MVS is a great player that won’t be held down for long

MVS isnt really crazy late his adp is 10.8 according to
couple of names that come to mind if you are drafting 12 player redraft 16 round draft…all 14+ rounds picks

John brown-could be allen’s deep threat
Adam humpries-could emerge in an unknown tennesse wr core
Kalen ballage-could be more utilized this year for Miami
chris thompson- if he is used like he was before his inury you could have very cheap tarik cohen situation.

Is this for redraft or dynasty?

Sidenote: Do not waste your draft picks on ballage. Dude is literally the most overrated piece of turd I’ve ever seen. Will be shocked if he still has a job this time next season.


While I might not go as far as @MikeMeUpp went :wink: I am also not on the Ballage train. I actually think Gaskins could be sneaky down there if you are looking for some potential upside in MIA RB corp.

These are my thoughts for dynasty, but potentially in redraft. More on that below.

I really like Bruce Anderson (RB in TB)
Regardless of today’s M Gordon news, I think Justin Jackson (RB for LAC) is a good get.
Chris Warren (RB in OAK) is another one. People are on J Jacobs, but Warren is not too dissimilar and crushed last preseason.
While not that late in the draft, L Fitz (WR for ARI) is a sneaky good value buy but clearly his clock is winding down.
B Pringle (WR in KC) is being a bit overlooked and I like him.
Alex Erickson (WR for CIN) might start to surprise and definitely if you get return yardage.
R Matthews (WR for NO) might sneak in there if he can get right. Definitely on a great offense.
S Morgan Jr (WR for CIN) is another one to monitor.
R White Jr. (WR for NYG) has some potential if given the chance. Watch during camp.
W Grier (QB for CAR) might be a nice hold depending on Cam’s health.

I would say that all of these are definitely late round dart throws, but they possess some upside if they work out. If you are in redraft, I would look at RBs since they have a better chance of a heavy usage that you can depend on. WRs might pop, but they are harder to depend on until they actually prove themselves for more than a hot second one season. That said, Pringle and Erickson have either shown some or impressed their coaches already at some point. If Matthews can get right in NO, I think he has talent.

Hope any of this helps!

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I agree. Unfortunately i live in Wisconsin and all viable packers will be gone early. Kind of a draft benefit non homers

I like these deep sleepers. Anderson and Jackson interest me the most. Possibly Pringle. Are you a Bengals fan by chance? Listing two cinci WR’s seems aggressive. While I liked both of them in college, I dont love Dalton. I truly dont think he has it in him to feed multiple receivers outside boyd and green.

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Not necessarily a Bengals fan, but not a hater. Browns fan here!

I agree with you about supporting a wide cast. Erickson (if your league rewards return yards) is a monster as he will also see some normal game time. Plus he is pretty talented. Stanley Morgan is a straight stud. Rookie this year, so he might not translate. I am looking at those two (likely not both) as options for an aging AJ Green and a sometimes banged up Boyd. I think they are likely not too thrilled with Ross in CIN and could move in a different direction.

These are more dynasty plays, for sure, or in season plays if injury occurs. FWIW, if he had not gone to CIN, I would have Morgan on everyone of my dynasty teams with a late 3rd/or anywhere in the 4th round rookie draft. As it stands, I split out options with other players because I am not sure I know enough ATM to make a solid call on him. But he is absolutely on my waiver speed dial.

I hope some of this helps!

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