Sneaky snart? (full ppr)

(full ppr) Just wondering people’s thoughts on playing both Ekeler and J. Jackson? This way, I won’t have to guess on the workload and just get it all against a horrendous defense. Saquon is my main RB and I could play Ekeler at my other and Jackson at my flex. Thoughts?
Otherwise I have Sony (he makes me a lil nervous with so many RBs in New England) or Jaylen Samuels (I really like his upside and Steele RBs have been great to me in the fantasy playoffs). My opponent has a really good team so feeling I need to put up some big numbers.
Thanks everyone and good luck all.

I would have to flip a coin between Jackson or Ekler and roll with one of your other options in the second slot. Samuels and Michel are in too prime of a position for me to sit over a tandem from the same team. I’d probably roll Samuels and your choice of the Chargers portion. That would be my personal approach.

Thanks for the response/screenshots and thats what I currently have in my lineup right now: Ekeler and Samuels. Hopefully Ekeler will bounce back in a good match-up.