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Snell or Drake?... Half Point PPR

Whos a better start this week…

Snell vs CLE
Drake vs LA

Half point PPR

Im legit stuck on this one boys

I’d go with Drake

Thats who I have in my line up right now… I really over thinking it i know but Im just worried about Drakes competition for touches where as snell has no one to out touch him lol

Yes but there’s Samuels and Pitts last game they were using 4th string kid too

I just figure Drake is on the better offence and catches the ball where as Snell doesnt really do that… So the HPPR factor helps too

I just need the win this week or my seasons over

That too, they get samuels in to catch the ball
Help with mine pls! Mixon or Boyd for flex

I like Mixon a lot with the bad weather in that game… and Andy being the starter scares me off boyd lol

True that the weather does in fact scares me haha