So are we playing Amari?

I mean. Do we trust it??

Just make sure you have a backup plan. Someone else playing on Sunday night or Monday night

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To piggyback off @JPlum_3, if you don’t have a backup plan for Sun or Mon and you do have another top 20 play lined up, I’m fine sitting him. Otherwise you’re kinda stuck risking him vs playing other options

So these are my options. 3-3 and FIGHTING for my life. How would you guys set this lineup. I also have a claim to drop Houston for packers DST

Oh awesome you have Dorsett, he’s one of the few actual Cooper pivots. It bodes well for Dorsett that Josh Gordon’s already ruled out for Mon, so you’re good to leave Coop in your WR slot until Coop is ruled in or out.

I’d also push that claim for the Packers D thru