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So Dynasty

Ok I’ve been commissioner in a keeper league for about 7 years as well as regular ppr and standards but never Dynasty… so I think I understand what Dynasty is mainly due to the footcast, but not exactly sure how the rules are laid out. So can someone briefly explaine to me how a Dynasty is ran? I’d like to start one with my friends from the keeper league but I’d need to convince them and myself to start this up. I hear you can get real involved which I like but is it worth it or is it too much? I’m thinking about joining one on hear first and maybe wait a year but I’d love to know some feedback thanks footclan

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Looks like I might have convinced them but would like some input

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I’m going into my third year of playing dynasty. It’s year round and is a lot of fun. In my league we had our startup (year 1) after the NFL Draft and then in year 2 and beyond, we have a four round rookie draft. We use no kickers/defense/idp. It is definitely a lot more work if you are commissioner, but it is a lot of fun.