So, everybody says sell high on Howard

…what do you think? Yeah, he’s running most straight, but he’s got the volume and he seems to be more involved lately. If Cohens struggle continues I see a high ceiling than expected. But I’m not sure. I just got him for breida, cause sf is out this year and breida so vulnerable. But now, I’m not sure in keeping him. Have, Chubb, Mack, Cook and Carson as RB

Cohens poor performance wasn’t so much because he struggled… he didn’t produce bc if the game script and the bears bring somewhat conservative.

I’ve heard a lot of talk on Chicago sports radio that Nagy is trying to get Howard going … who knows

Im in the same boat…

I built a very deep, IMO, RB core with Zeke, Chubb, Mack, Sony, A Jones and Howard.

I really want to sell Howard but for a fair price.

I feel like it is much easier to sell high on Mack. But if you can find someone who values Howard as a solid RB2 I’d pull the trigger on a trade.

I also wanna sell Howard idk what for though

I have Hunt, Gordon, Howard, Chubb, Fournette and Royce Freeman (trying to figure out what to do with Freeman too)

I just don’t know what to aim for. Maybe Juju, but I have to put Somebody on top I guess…

I read somewhere that Howard gets a lot more snaps when the Bears are leading with Cohen getting more when trailing.

i would hold unless you can definitely get an RB2 you like. IMHO, you have some high variance RBs and in that position, and I do like them and have many of them, but I think you might not want to give up on someone who has a definite role in their offense. And a role which could improve. At this point, we are seeing a floor. I do not see Cohen taking over, so that is not a worry.