So far not so good... Need Help to salvage my matchup!

Well… Going into this week I had 4 roster decisions to make, and so far I’ve been wrong every time.

Chicago D over New England D = Loss
Kroft over Ebron = Loss
Morris over Drake = TBD but not looking good
Devante Parker or Devin Funchess = This is where I need help…

I have one decision left and it is Funchess or Parker. I am down 6 in a Non-PPR. Which WR do I roll with?

I’m in the same boat. Parker is the bigger home run threat but has a tougher matchup. I’m leaning Funchess

Yeah I feel like Carolina will be up in this game and I think Funchess has that better QB. But Parker can get all those yards on one hail mary from Cutler so I just don’t know.

I think I lean Parker. He has 70 yards in every game he’s played healthy this year (well 69 yards in one of them but close enough). I also think they’ll be playing from behind. Couldn’t fault you for either play but I prefer Parker

Ugh see this is exactly what I was thinking. Just nervous about Cutler in Carolina. One of those games Parker got his points at the very last second and I’m just nervous about relying on Cutler. He can either do great or put up a complete goose egg. But thank you for the advice. You have now made my decision even harder. LOL. But seriously, thanks for the help, always appreciated.

So Funchess obviously had the better game, but you still won by .6 points right?

Haha actually i ended up going with Funchess tonight. But if i has played Parker you are right. Would have snuck by anyways. Lol