So happy i drafted Michele late

That it, no questions or anything, just so frickin stoked on Sony Michele rn.


Regretting not haven drafted him myself. Am happy about A Jones though. Feeling like momentum is building there. Congrats on good decision!

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Drafted penny rd 8 Sony rd 9. One worked out.

Yep. I wish Sony had been drafted by someone other than the Pats…

Not this year. With Burkhead out and this being a 2 man show, Michel is going to feast this year. I picked him off waivers in one league(right before the Burkhead news came out) and just got him in a trade package in the other where he is replacing Alex Collins on my roster.

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I meant i wish the Pats hadn’t gotten him as a fan of a team that is not the Pats.

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Ahhhh, I get it. I am very happy because I am a Pats fan lol.

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I’m so happy too. I think I drafted him in the 8th or 9th round. I love the value for the rest of the season !

Im feeling mighty good about my Sony shares as well