So how much FAAB did Cohen go for in your league?

He went for $45 ($100 total FAAB) in mine, beating out bids of $32, $26 and $13 (my bid, knowing I wouldn’t get him). The DJ owner ended up with him.

12 man Standard league - keep 2 at the expense of one round ahead of where you drafted him. FA’s can be kept for a 10th.

The winner bid $120 of his $200.

He clearly wantes him more.

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Haha yes he does. I think he’ll do well. Flex appeal for sure.

My story:

In an 8 team standard yahoo league. For some reason I was able to draft both David Johnson as well as Devonta Freeman. I took Gronk 3rd round and Kareem Hunt 4th round.

DJ got hurt so I decided to bid big on Cohen. I originally bid 55% of my FAAB budget. At the same time I did that I also offered a trade: DJ + Hunt for Lev Bell.

Once the Bell owner took the trade, I changed my FAAB bid from 55% to 16%. Without the desperate need for a new RB I didn’t think Cohen was worth over half my budget any longer.

For some reason my 16% was enough. The other bids were 14, 12, and 8.

So now I have Lev Bell, Devonta Freeman, and Cohen. This morning I was offered Isaiah Crowell for Cohen. I’m going to take it and ride this into the sunset!!!

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Went for $33 in ours. ($200 FAB) Also went to the DJ owner. Beat out a couple bids in the mid 20’s.

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The winner got him for $34. 12man .5 ppr league ($100 budget)

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