So I have a dilemma with my receivers

So my dilemma with my receivers is that i want to drop someone but I don’t know who to drop. I have Devante Parker, JJ Nelson, Sterling Shepard. That I’m willing to drop. I still have Hopkins and Diggs.

Tough one, but I’d probably drop Nelson. Too big-play dependent and last week dropped only pass thrown to him. Would definitely hold Shepard. Once he comes back, should get a lot of passes from Eli.

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Drop Nelson

Yup, Nelson

Nelson it is. Now Garcon is on waiver but so is marquis lee and ted Ginn. I’m leaning towards lee because of the matchup against the colts. What do you guys think.

I just traded Garcon and two RBs on my bench for DeMaryius Thomas. I know he’s getting plenty of targets, but I don’t think he’s scored this year. The interesting thing is that with the QB change his value could go up or down. Last Sunday all of his catches came after Beathard replaced Hoyer so if that’s an indication Garcon’s value could go up.

thats what I’m seeing. but I’m really thinking about this I don’t want to pick up garçon just because of the big name. but if the stats are there I’m willing to pick him up.